Welcome! Rising Light supports your personal expansion and transformation through consciousness coaching and 

light therapy that awakens your inner radiance and empowers you to create a life you love.

Advanced light & sound therapy is available at Rising Light Studio in Ventura, CA, onsite for local house calls and private events, and at select retreats worldwide.

Coaching is available in-person at the studio and online.


My coaching practice supports people on the path of awakening to find the clarity and courage to live their biggest dreams and stand in their brightest light. I offer an intuitively guided introspection process, aided by optional light therapy for in-person clients, to assist you in bringing forth your inner wisdom, identifying and healing limiting beliefs, and taking heart-centered action toward the life you want. Drawing on teachings about consciousness, frequency, and other universal principles, I partner with you to illuminate the purpose and power within you to make the contribution that excites and fulfills you. This could be making big changes in your personal life, moving on from feelings of unworthiness or fear, better coping with chaos and uncertainty in our world, or many other manifestations. As I assist you in unleashing your potential, I empower you to be more of who you already are as a divine being of light.


While many clients find that regular sessions are most conducive to their ongoing transformation, I happily offer single sessions for people needing extra support with a pressing question, decision, or situation, or those simply looking for an intuitive and compassionate listener. It is my absolute delight to support you on your journey.



Light therapy is a unique experience of light, color, and sound designed to awaken and support healing, self-discovery, and deep relaxation. Using a cutting-edge pulsing LED light made by roXiva Innovations, healing light and sound frequencies gently guide the brain to deep meditative states where restoration, release, and clarity are more accessible. The lights work with your brain to balance and harmonize it, promoting whole-brain functioning and heart-brain coherence, while also opening channels to your subconscious.

Through an immersive closed-eye experience of a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, the roXiva calms and resets the central nervous system, builds new neural pathways for positive mental and emotional habits, and taps into deeper levels of awareness and spiritual insight. Visit the FAQs to learn more about the many benefits.


Choose from the following treatment options:

  • Relaxation - Stress and anxiety relief, health & wellness, better sleep

  • Exploration - Self-discovery, guidance, consciousness, hypnosis

  • Inspiration - Creativity, insight, breakthroughs, release

  • Cognition - Focus, memory, learning, performance (including ADHD support)

I had an excellent experience with the light therapy. Within a few minutes I felt as if I were able to drop into a very meditative space, and to stay there for the duration of my time. This was my first time trying this and I'd definitely recommend it for those who are looking for an alternative reset. Carolyn was very knowledgeable on the topic and her insight into the process was also helpful.

Tim B.

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Roy T. Bennett